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AFC - Logo Mats & Specialty Mats

AFC  -   locally owned & operated,  has been providing professional & custom cleaning

and entrance floor matting services since 2003. 


You may have taken the "first step" on one of our top quality Logo Mats at these local businesses: 

Astonish Antique Restoration, Audiotronics, ADM Micro, Alouf Aesthetics, AmRhein Wine Cellars, Autoway Car Sales, Conner-Bowman, Ginger's Jewelry, Girl Scouts, Harvey Dentistry, HomeTown Bank, Horne Funeral Home, Lotz, NewRiver Bank, Norfolk-Southern, Oakey's Funeral Homes, ReMax One, Runk & Pratt, Serenity Funeral Home, Southern Lamp & Shade, Swift Print,  Trio, Twist & Turns, WDBJ7, and many more!

AFC commenced providing entrance walk-off matting & custom cleaning for carpet & upholstery, vinyl/VCT, hardwood, ceramic & grout, etc. in 2003.

In addition, AFC provides custom carpet, hardwood, & upholstery cleaning for residential.


 AFC's first commercial customer was a medical imaging center - there we are currently providing custom high-performance & decor matched, high-performance walk-off matting and great attention to detailed custom cleaning to protect the furnishings and to maintain the "Medical Clean Gleam" through out the facility to all floor surfaces & upholstery.  



We specialize in pro-active maintainance of the "Medical Clean Gleam"  for the medical industry.  We know the importantance of spot free & splash free medical equipment and fine furnishings.  We cater to those who enjoy presenting the best possible first impression and a clean & healthy working or living environment.


"With AFC you do not have to settle for what you can get "